Semi-automatic verification of instruction sets

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Research goals

An instruction set architecture (ISA) is an abstract specification of the syntax and semantics of machine code. It defines an envelope of allowed behaviour for CPU designers and a set of assumptions that software designers can rely on.

We are interested in critical safety guarantees of ISAs and more specifically the security guarantees of features such as trusted execution environments , virtual memory, or capability machines. Our long-term goal is to verify with machine checked proofs that security guarantees are upheld by the semantics of all instructions. Moreover, we want to verify these properties in a form that can be used to reason about programs, as a way to ultimately verify security properties of full systems, i.e. hardware combined with software.


Scaling up ISA property proofs raises important proof engineering challenges. For the verification effort to scale reasonably in terms of the size and complexity of the specification and for making it robust to changes, proof automation is a necessity. To this end, we are developing Katamaran, a semi-automated separation logic verifier for the Sail specification language.


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